31st March 2021

We are delighted to say that the number of people in Grampian who have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine has passed 250,000 today. The progress we have made in this vaccination programme continues to be phenomenal and the product of an enormous ongoing team effort.  We would like to thank all staff involved and the people of Grampian who continue to show great willingness to roll up their sleeve and get vaccinated. 


We are hoping to be able to start phase 2 of our vaccination programme soon. Subject to supply, we are on track to have offered first doses to the remainder of the adult population who were not included in the 9 JCVI priority groups by the end of July, rather than September as we previously planned.


The JCVI has advised that phase 2 of the programme should be age based, starting with the oldest adults first and continuing in the following order:

  • all those aged 40 to 49 years
  • all those aged 30 to 39 years
  • all those aged 18 to 29 years


How can the public help us?

  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel and rearrange to enable us to allocate the time and vaccine to someone else.
  • Please remember to drink and eat prior to your appointment and ensure you stay hydrated afterwards to reduce the risk of a headache.
  • Please take any medication with you that may be required, example GTN spray, reliever inhaler.
  • Please do not ask our staff for a specific vaccine. We are unable to offer a non-medical needs choice and encourage you to accept the vaccine offered. If anyone refuses the vaccine available, they will not be offered an alternative brand. Requesting an alternative venue will not change this outcome.
  • Please be kind to our wonderful staff as they are working above and beyond to deliver this programme.


We are unable to give specific start dates for phase 2 or for all second doses from phase 1, although we will try our best to continue to keep you up to date as we move through the cohorts.  As communicated yesterday, all in priority groups 1-9 should have received an appointment and we are shortly commencing second doses for all over aged 75.  As soon as we have an official national start date for phase 2 we will share this with you. Further information on the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine can be found on  https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid-19-vaccine